5 Types of Roofing Materials For Your Home in Fairfield, CT

5 Types of Roofing Materials For Your Home in Fairfield, CT

Roofs are crucial in protecting our homes, but many homeowners don’t put a second thought about them. They get less attention than other home components, like the kitchen or bathroom. And unfortunately, many individuals always have roof maintenance or replacement as an afterthought, only ever paying attention once it shows signs of damage. 

When that happens, homeowners have no choice but to call professional roofers in Fairfield, CT, to address the situation. 

At Roofing Contractor of Fairfield, the roofing system is among the most significant investments homeowners can make. We know it protects your home more than other parts of your property can. And with the latest technology advancements, better-quality roofing materials are available to help upgrade your roofing system — helping it function in its prime condition.

With that said, here are five of the most common roofing materials every homeowner should consider for their next roofing project:

1. Cedar Wood Shingles

Cedar wood shingles are common roofing materials popular among homeowners as they offer a classic charm — aging like fine wine in the long run. However, they have strong wind resistance, with studies showing they can take over 200 miles per hour of heavy winds. And with proper care, cedar wood shingles last over 30 years. 

But installing cedar wood shingles can be expensive, so set a budget aside before working with professional roofers in the Fairfield area.

Cedar Wood Shingles in Fairfield, CT

2. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a famous roofing material for homeowners, as they come in different colors. There are even in the market today mimicking the weathered look of wooden shingles, while others look like slate roofs. The vast shades allow you to pick lighter hues to reduce your property’s internal heat, especially during summer.

The two primary types of asphalt shingles include architectural and three-tab shingles. And these asphalt shingles differ in style, flexibility, sturdiness, lifespan, and cost. Both can last for over 50 years, but their finishes don’t have the best designs compared to other materials available.

3. Clay Tiles

If you want to incorporate a Mediterranean style into your property, then clay tiles roofs are your best choice. They offer some of the most aesthetically-pleasing curb appeals today, are energy-efficient, and can handle strong winds, rainfall, and snow. Moreover, they’re fire-resistant and far better than other roofing materials. 

But the downside of clay tiles roofs is that they’re heavy and need the help of professional roofers in Fairfield, CT, for proper maintenance. Also, this roofing material will crack over time, forcing you to inspect them often to see if they need a professional’s attention.

professional roofers in Fairfield, CT

4. Metal

Metal roofs are among the quickest-growing options available, appealing to individuals who want to avoid dealing with regular maintenance. After all, they can last for over half a century. Aside from that, metal roofing comes in expansive metal panels or shingles made from copper, aluminum, or stainless steel.

But the downside of metal roofs is their steep price tags. They’re more expensive than other roofing materials like wood and asphalt shingles. However, the benefits of metal roofs overshadow their price as they can last for a lifetime with proper care. Moreover, they’re efficient in reflecting UV and infrared rays, reducing energy costs between 10% and 25%.

Note that metal roofs are custom-built, so you’ll need to find top-notch roofers in Fairfield, CT, to have them installed properly.

5. Slate

If you want your home to stand out, the best roofing material is a slate roof. It offers you a gorgeous finish alongside a distinct and classy appearance. Aside from that, slate roofs come in different colors, ranging from green to black. Moreover, this roofing material is durable and can take any fire hazard. Finally, slate roofs are sustainable, allowing you to recycle them instead of throwing them in the dump.

But the downside to slate roofs is that they’re expensive and heavy. Like clay tiles, you’ll need a new roof support to handle a slate roof’s weight. Either way, a slate roof is a premium material that looks fantastic and sturdy — lasting over a century.

If you need help finding the perfect roofing material for your structure, call the Roofing Contractor of Fairfield, the leading roofers in Fairfield, CT, today for professional advice and consultation.