Roofing Warranties Explained: Understanding its Basics in Fairfield, CT​

Roofing Warranties Explained: Understanding its Basics in Fairfield, CT

Are you planning to get a new roof? You may be getting a new roof because a recent storm has damaged it, or you’re planning to sell your property in the immediate future. Regardless of the reason, any homeowner must understand how roofing warranties work to ensure they’re protected from any defective material and workmanship. Roofing warranties can help you prevent headache-inducing scenarios once you realize something’s wrong with your new roof.

In this article, we’ll explain the roofing warranties provided by roofing contractors in Fairfield, CT, particularly the different types.

3 Main Types of Roofing Warranties in Fairfield, CT

Roofing contractors offer a wide range of warranties in Fairfield, CT. But generally, all fall into three main types, mainly:

Read on to take a closer look at each warranty and what coverage policies they offer to homeowners like you who have just installed a new roof.

1. Manufacturers’ Warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty comes as a standard if you get a new roof from a reputable roofing contractor in Fairfield, CT. As the name suggests, these warranties are provided by shingle manufacturers to ensure you’re covered in case their products fail under certain circumstances. These warranties also typically last for a lifetime, meaning you can enjoy them as long as you own your home.

Here are the things a manufacturer’s warranty covers:

Cost of Defective Materials. If you find any damaged shingles after purchasing them, you’re entitled to a free replacement. Remember that they’re only covering the replacement shingles, not the installation. So you’d still need to pay for the shingle removal and disposal with your own money.

Some manufacturers will only cover the replacement of defective shingles for a set period. From that point on, they will offer prorated coverage. If you find any defective shingles during the initial period, you’ll get new shingles for free, including the installation labor cost – but not the tear-off and disposal costs. If you found defective shingles after the initial period, you’re only entitled to a portion of the shingle’s cost.

Industry-Wide Coverage. This manufacturer’s warranty will only cover factory defects, not premature shingle failure during installation, nor issues involving components your roofing contractor failed to install correctly.

2. Workmanship Warranty

A workmanship warranty is one of the reasons why we encourage homeowners only to hire reputable roofing contractors in Fairfield, CT, instead of non-licensed and non-insured contractors. A workmanship warranty guarantees that your contractor stands behind the quality of work they’ve provided while offering you their services. The duration wherein these warranties last depend from contractor to contractor, but some offer lifetime coverages.

Here are the things that a workmanship warranty covers:

  • Cost of labor (installation or repair)
  • Cost of necessary replacement materials
  • Cost of damages done by the flawed installation to the home’s interior and personal effects

What a workmanship warranty doesn’t cover includes:

  • Leaks caused by fallen tree limbs or any wind-driven debris
  • Damaged caused by storm and strong winds
  • Damaged caused by ice dams
  • Damage caused by alterations after installation
  • Damaged caused by foot traffic

A trustworthy roofing contractor in Fairfield, CT, always offers an attractive workmanship warranty. For this reason, we encourage all homeowners to vet their prospective contractors before hiring them.

3. Extended Manufacturer Warranty

Big roofing contractors clearly understand installation quality and their product’s long-term performance. Because of this, they often provide their customers with peace of mind through extended manufacturer warranty. You can enjoy comprehensive coverage if your new roof comes with this warranty.

These are the benefits of an extended manufacturer warranty:

  • Coverage for all roof system components (except fasteners, flashings, and the like)
  • Comprehensive coverage for defective materials, including labor costs (usually extendable for up to 50 years)
  • Workmanship coverage for installation errors, including labor, tear-off, and disposal costs.


While extended manufacturer warranties are pretty comprehensive, manufacturers often require their customers to avail of them for an additional cost. Additionally, customers must install a complete roof system from the company to enjoy such comprehensive warranty coverage.


3 Main Types of Roofing Warranties in Fairfield, CT​

Warranties are created to protect homeowners like you from the errors of roofing materials manufacturers and installation of roofing contractors. You must understand the basics of roofing warranties to ensure you’re protected against roofing mistakes beyond your control. Talk to the Roofing Contractor of Fairfield representatives today to know more about the roofing warranties available to you once you let them work on your roof.