Top 7 Exciting Things to Do in Fairfield, CT​

Top 7 Exciting Things to Do in Fairfield, CT

Fairfield, Connecticut, is a prosperous, picturesque community with five miles of waterfront on the Long Island Sound. Fairfield is Connecticut’s eleventh most populous city, out of 169 cities, with 61,949 residents. It’s the home of four of Connecticut’s main cities and boasts a wide variety of tourist destinations. We highlight some of the top cultural attractions in this section of New England, including beaches, lakes, local shops, and hiking trails.

1. Bask in the Sun at Penfield Beach

A hidden gem awaits travelers across Fairfield Beach Road, encouraging them to roam its huge, sandy expanse. With 3.5 acres of space, there are plenty of spots to lay your picnic mat, set up a chair, and open your beach umbrella.

This pristine beach, surrounded by a big pavilion, evokes a summer beach vacation vibe from the 1960s. The grounds are filled with children running, adults sunbathing, charcoal barbecues, picnic tables, and kayak and boat racks.

If you don’t want sand in your food, head to the picnic benches or the pavilion for shade. There’s a refreshment stand on-site and rental lockers and facilities, making it easy to spend a whole day at the beach.

2. Unwind on Jennings Beach

The moment you arrive at 880 South Benson Road, Fairfield, Connecticut, and set foot at Jennings Beach, you will understand why it is considered one of Connecticut’s finest beaches. Along its expansive, wide shoreline are iconic white lifeguard towers. The water is peaceful and inviting, with a shimmering blue color that makes kids and adults want to take a dip.

Families enjoy a picnic day, building sandcastles and playing on the beach’s pristine sand. Picnic tables provide a less-messy place to have your packed lunch. You will also find a fishing pier in the north which is an ideal backdrop for artistic photographs.

There are restrooms, a food stand, and several facilities available, but you must bring your own chairs and umbrellas. Relax as you watch boats sail by the magnificent cottages that line the neighboring shoreline.

Residents must purchase a beach pass to park by the beach between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Visitors can buy a daily pass, but it’s so expensive that so ensure that you have a full day of enjoyment during your visit.

3. Relax at Lake Mohegan Recreation Area

Located at  75 Mill Plain Road, Fairfield, CT, the Lake Mohegan Recreation Area welcomes tourists with more than 170 acres of woodland splendor, creeks, waterfalls, and shimmering clean water. You can bring your furry friend for a walk through the wooded wonderland, where there are numerous trails to select from. This park is particularly dog-friendly, so your pet will undoubtedly make new friends.

An artificial freshwater lake and a tiny sandy beach attract sunbathers every summer. Children can play in the water, dig holes, and eat picnics with their families as the lifeguards watch over the pool. Since there isn’t much shade, you’ll need a beach umbrella if you want to hang out at this fun spot all day.

There is also a playground and a sprinkler park nearby for the little ones’ amusement. This beach is great for families because there is a snack bar, bathrooms, and outdoor showers, all within walking distance.

4. Find Peace at Roy and Margot Larsen Wildlife Sanctuary

The Roy and Margot Larsen Wildlife Sanctuary has 155 acres of verdant woodland and surrounds the Connecticut Audubon Society Birdcraft Museum and Sanctuary. This natural paradise is home to many different living creatures, so you might see anything from owls to hawks and turtles while you’re there.

The sanctuary has seven miles of trails that go through the woods. As you stroll, you can see many different ecosystems, such as wetlands and freshwater ponds. There are signs all over the area that tell you about the history of the area and the plants and animals you’re looking at. There are a lot of trails, but they don’t take long to walk; therefore, this is an excellent place to bring your kids.

The Chiboucas trail is easy to get to with strollers or wheelchairs because it has wooden boardwalks, and the observation systems make it easy to see the animals that live in the wetlands.

5. Treat Yourself at Saugatuck Sweets

Saugatuck Sweets is a popular local gathering spot for children enjoying school concerts, sporting events, and birthdays. On some nights, the line can go all the way down the street. This is the second store that Al DiGuido, who lives in Westport, owns. It brings families together, both from the area and from other places.

Al is a very important person in the community. He works hard as a philanthropist in his spare time, raising money to help children with cancer and rare blood diseases. Al’s Angels, the charity he runs, has helped families all over the state.

Saugatuck Sweets has a wide range of ice cream selections, including some that are vegan, as well as baked goods and candy to please every taste. It’s on Reef Road, right next to Sherman Green, a great place to sit back and relish your snack in the fresh air.

Most people sit at the picnic tables outside the Firehouse Deli next door if they come when the deli is closed. Or even better, begin with a delicious deli sandwich followed by a delectable dessert.

6. Take a Break at Sasco Beach

Sasco Beach is a great place to relax because it is smaller and less crowded than Jennings and Penfield. This quiet spot is south of Southport Harbor, west of Kensie Point, and behind the Country Club of Fairfield. It’s a great place to watch the waves crash on the shore.

This beach is free and open to everyone, but only people with a beach pass can park here between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Non-Fairfield residents will have to visit during the off-season, which is a real treat because it’s much less crowded, or find another way to get there.

This is a genuinely tranquil location and a great site to view the sunset over the town of Southport, as it is surrounded by the greenery of the country club’s golf course.

7. Catch a Concert at The Warehouse at FTC

The Warehouse is a great place to spend an evening if you want to experience lights, dance, and music. This 640-seat theater is managed by the Fairfield Theater Company and is a modest but powerful addition to the town center.

The structure was suitably named because it looked like a warehouse. It consists of a large, open industrial area with a stage in the front. You can find some seats on the upper balcony, but most people come to this club to get their dance on, so you probably won’t mind standing while listening to the band play.

The Warehouse is a great place to go if you appreciate live music of any genre, whether it be funk and soul (don’t miss Average White Band’s St. Patrick’s Day event), Irish jigs, or bluegrass.

Final Thoughts

The lengthy stretch of shoreline and beaches in Fairfield

The lengthy stretch of shoreline and beaches in Fairfield make it a great place to unwind. This is a fantastic location for connecting with nature and learning about local history. Enjoy all Fairfield, Connecticut, has to offer by making it your next vacation spot.